Male Sex Steroid Arimistane Androsta 3.5-diene 7,17dione CAS 1420-49-1

  • Male Sex Steroid Arimistane Androsta 3.5-diene 7,17dione CAS 1420-49-1
  • Male Sex Steroid Arimistane Androsta 3.5-diene 7,17dione CAS 1420-49-1
  • China
  • ISO,CE
  • 10 Gram
  • USD $10 - $80/ Gram
  • L/C,T/T,Western Union
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Product Description

Product name Arimistane
Other name Androsta 3.5-diene 7,17dione
CAS register number 1420-49-1
Grade USP/In-house
Molecular formula C19H24O2
Molecular weight 300.39
Assay Above 98%
Usage pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin
Puriy Above 98%


1.Q: What is the quality of your company?
A: The qualities of the most products are above 99% purity, some are 99.7% purity.

2.Q: How is the storage?
A:Keep in dry and cool place.

3.Q: May I have a price list?
A:Yes,please contact with us, we will send you the latest price list as soon as possible.

4.Q: Do I need to pay extra for shipping cost?
A:No, our price includes the shipping cost already; you need not pay for any tax or others.

5.Q: May I order sample to test?
A:Yes, you are welcome to order sample before placing bulk order.We will send the sample directly to your door by courier.

6.Q: What's the delivery time ?
A:Usually , we will ship for you as soon as paid,or 1-2 days after confirm your payment.

7.Q: How is the package?
A:Aluminum foil bag or as customer's required.

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